In NOTRIX smart home, you can easily integrate, manage and control all smart devices in your home with a single controller. You can also communicate with all smart devices through an offline voice assistant. NOTRIX integrated home automation system isn't just about convenience, it's also about sustainability. Energy-efficient features such as smart thermostats and lighting systems can significantly reduce energy consumption. These devices learn your preferences and adjust energy usage accordingly.

Intelligent Living Starts Here Your NOTRIX Smart Home Journey


NOTRIX smart home lighting can be controlled and automated with your phone, voice, or sensors. NOTRIX smart home lighting can offer many benefits, such as:

• Energy efficiency: It can help you save energy and money by dimming or turning off the lights when not needed, and adjusting the brightness and color temperature according to the time of day and the weather.

• Convenience: It can help you control and automate your lighting with a single app or voice command, instead of using multiple switches or remotes. You can also create scenes that can run your lighting based on your schedule, location, mood, or activity.

• Security: It can help you protect your home from intruders, fire, water leaks, and other hazards. You can also use smart home lighting to monitor and alert you of any unusual activity or situation in your home.

Optimizing Energy Consumption

NOTRIX smart home can optimize energy consumption by using sensors, controllers, and actuators to monitor and adjust the energy use of different appliances and systems, based on the preferences, habits, and needs of the occupants, as well as the external factors, such as weather, time, and price. NOTRIX smart appliances  can communicate with each other and with the smart home controller, and can be remotely controlled and programmed. They can also decrease energy drain by turning off or entering standby mode when not in use, or by operating at optimal times and settings, based on the energy demand and price. Moreover, NOTRIX smart thermostats can control the home's heating and cooling system with your phone or voice, and help you save on energy costs. It can regulate the temperature in your home by learning from your habits and preferences, and adjusting the temperature automatically based on your schedule, location, weather, and other factors.


Voice Assistant

NOTRIX offline voice assistant can understand your voice, answer your questions or commands, and perform various tasks without requiring an internet connection. NOTRIX offline voice assistants can be useful for privacy, security, and convenience reasons, as they do not send your voice data to any external servers, and they can work even when you have no network access. By using NOTRIX smart home voice assistant, you can easily control your smart home devices, such as lights, thermostats, cameras, and more. NOTRIX voice assistants can also create and run scenes or routines that can make your home more comfortable, convenient, and secure.